Mission Projects in Europe

Many people are unaware of the poverty in Eastern Europe. Since the fall of Communism, unemployment & school drop-out rates have risen & access to quality medical care is limited.

Your team can choose from a wide variety of projects in remote or urban areas. Every mission trip can be customized to fit your group's skills & budget. Housing, meals & transportation will be provided.

Mission Package Components

Teams will work alongside local volunteers serving ministries that are effectively lifting up their communities. Group members' interests & abilities will be matched with current needs, making this an opportunity for each individual to use his gifts to the fullest.

Group Flights

In-country & international flights


City-tours, safari & adventure activities


Hotels, resorts, luxury tents & more


Time in your connecting city for debriefing


Half-board, full-board & group dinners

Cultural Immersion

Cook, dance & make local handicrafts

Ground Transportation

Airport transfers, coach & rail.

Travel Insurance

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Run-down building in Romania

Mission Projects in Romania

When most people think of Europe, they picture rich history & flourishing cities. But within Bihor county, Romania, the community is simply struggling to get by. After the fall of communism, many Romanians were left to fend for themselves in a broken country with a high unemployment rate & low-quality education.

Offer hope through a variety of community projects ranging from horticulture to optometry. Teams can choose to work with a variety of projects or dedicate your time to one in particular. Our partner ministry will provide translators, transportation & an orientation upon arrival, as well as housing, complete with meals & en suite bathrooms.

Local woman & her Children at a crisis center in Romania

Family Care

Through this ministry, fifteen tons of food is delivered each month. The goal is to provide families with the means to move from desperate situations of hunger, ill-health or lack of work to a life filled with hope, purpose, food & security. Teams will work alongside local volunteers to:

  • Sort & package food at the warehouse
  • Visit local families in their homes to deliver food & supplies
  • Accompany local healthcare provider on home visits to offer support
Homeless Romanian woman receiving aid from a local ministry

Homeless Project

There are approximately 450 homeless people in Oradea. This ministry transformed nine shipping containers into a container village, consisting of six living spaces, two hygiene facilities & a "Day Center" for meetings & counseling. The village currently provides shelter for up to 50 people, but the ministry also supports another 50 people who are living on the streets, under bridges, in abandoned buildings & fields with nothing but a tarp for shelter. Groups can:

  • Donate/fund a shipping container
  • Sort & package food
  • Distribute food & supplies
  • Offer emotional & spiritual support
Romanians living in an elderly care facility

Elderly Care & Assisted Living

In Romania, the elderly & disabled are marginalized. Your group can help restore their sense of self-worth by forming relationships with residents living in elderly care facilities in Salonta & Oradea. Teams can also serve at an assisted living facility in Tileagd. This state-of-the-art facility is the first of its kind in Romania, offering care to adults 18-65 with disabilities & special needs.

  • Entertain residents through performances & group activities
  • Interact one-on-one by listening to stories, playing card games or taking a walk
  • Offering personal care such as manicures, haircuts, etc.
  • Prepare & serve meals
Romanian children exhibiting artwork during vacation bible school

Children’s Outreach

This ministry aims to share the Gospel with local children in ways they will understand through Summer School, Holiday Bible Club & VBS. If you have a special place in your heart for kids, this is a great channel for your gift to be used. Teams will use a variety of ways to explain why the Bible is relevant to the children's lives:

  • Arts & crafts
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Puppets
  • Games
  • Sports
Students in class at the Tileagd School in Gepiu, Romania


Dropout rates in Romania are extremely high due to poor educational quality & lack of motivation to stay in school, so the Tileagd School & Nursery was built to fill that void. Children & teenagers need positive role models & interesting, innovative ways to learn course material. Choose to volunteer in the school or at after-school programs in Gepiu:

  • Help kindergarten, primary school & middle school children with homework
  • Plan special activities for children with disabilities
  • Teach children biblical principles & scripture
Volunteers constructing a wall in Romania


Your team will work on maintenance projects at homes for the elderly & disabled children, or build/repair houses for families in need. Carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters & other skilled laborers are welcome, but any help from willing hands is appreciated.

  • Build & paint walls
  • Run wire & electrical cable
  • Install carpet & flooring
  • Restore waste & water systems
Ministry-run dental clincic offers preventative and restortorative dental care

Medical, Dental & Optometry

Many Romanians cannot afford preventative care or regular visits to the doctor. And even if they can, they can rarely afford prescription medications. Medical professionals are needed to assist at fully-equipped medical, dental & optometry clinics. The centers offer free glasses to patients as well as a variety of tests & medicine.

  • Perform exams & offer treatment in rural areas
  • Provide preventative & restorative dental care
  • Test patients' refraction, acuity, binocular vision & overall eye health
  • Assemble custom frames & lenses for patients
Flowers grown in the greenhouse to generate funds to sustain ministry programs

Self-Sustainability Project: Horticulture

The greenhouse is used to generate funds for projects; 100 percent of the proceeds go directly to programs that benefit the medical clinics, Family Crisis Center & other ministries. The 62,000 square foot greenhouse grows more than 300,000 plants & 300,000 bulbs per year which are sold across Romania. The ministry hopes to achieve full self-sustainability through this & other enterprise initiatives.

  • Seed, fertilize, pot & water plants
  • Prune plants to encourage growth & prepare for sale
  • Bag bulbs for sale
  • Tend to plants in polytunnels - a small, hoop-shaped greenhouse
Retail store run by a Romanian ministry to generate funds for local projects

Self-Sustainability Project: Retail Stores

Work in thrift stores, which sell donated clothes & goods from around Europe & the US. Profits generated help fund projects like the Dentistry & Emergency Housing ministries. Team members can volunteer at one of 3 store locations (Salonta, Oradea & Alesd) to assist with:

  • Pricing & tagging clothes
  • Counting & managing inventory
  • Sorting clothes & hanging them on the racks
Ministry founder who is using enterprise initiatives to fund ministry projects

Ministry Leadership Training

Equip tomorrow's leaders through this hands-on program. Participants will learn proven methods to establishing, growing & funding a ministry. See first-hand how the projects in Romania are on the track to becoming financially independent through enterprise initiatives.

  • Accompany missionaries on field visits for practical hands-on experience
  • Discuss strategy - how to offer support, yet encourage those in need to help themselves
  • Learn about self-sustainability, including how to set up & run microbusinesses
  • Discover how this ministry is able to employ more than 100 Romanian nationals
  • Learn fund-raising tactics - how this ministry has raised millions for projects & facilities
Mission teams can visit Biertan, a fortified church in Romania

Optional Tour Add-Ons

Budapest - Spend a couple days in one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe.

Wonderful sightseeing in northwest Romania - Sites include: Romanian castles, famous monasteries, Baroque Palace & many Orthodox cathedrals.

The Transylvania Mountains - Chalets & other vacation destinations are very popular among tourists.

Stopover tour - Spend a couple days in your connecting city on the return trip home for debriefing. Options include: Paris, London, Vienna, Lisbon, or Amsterdam.