Mission Projects in South America

There are ample opportunities to serve impoverished families & children through our partner organization in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Many have been affected by disease, unemployment, alcoholism & drug abuse, or homelessness. Your team can work together to share the love of Christ with communities around the city. Project activities range from working in trade schools to ministering on the soccer field.

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A mission team painting local facilities during their trip

Mission Projects in Brazil

When you think of Brazil, you may envision parades of colorful costumes, audacious soccer fans, or breathtaking mountaintop views. But for many, the city paints a different picture. Although Sao Paulo is the known as 10th richest city in the world, it is surrounded by a sea of impoverished communities. Many parents find themselves unable to care for their kids, leaving families broken & torn apart. Children are forced to live on the streets next to sewage runoffs, in garbage dumps, or run-down orphanages. As they grow, they are unable to receive the education necessary to make a living, resorting in alternative means of income like prostitution, drugs, or theft.

Our partner organization works to provides loving homes & a rich education for neglected or abused kids. You can be a light in the lives of these children & prepare them for a bright future, full of hope & purpose. Transportation, accommodations & housing are provided by our partners on the ground. During your free time, you can hike through the rainforest or learn to dance along with the local people.

Volunteer sitting with local kids


School attendance in Sao Paulo is free & mandatory until the age of 14, but the necessary life skills needed to earn a steady income can only be learned through higher education. Students are often influenced to drop out of school or cannot afford to continue their studies. Our partner provides free trade schools for children who want to escape from the streets & invest in their future. Your team can serve in a variety of ways including:

  • Teach teens IT & computer repair skills
  • Assist students with print design, carpentry & woodworking, or cosmetology
  • Help students prepare for job interviews & the workforce
Men participating in a construction project in Brazil


Most of the homes & orphanages outside of the city are poorly constructed, made of shifting brick walls & tin roofs. Many of these buildings are in desperate need of reconstruction or repairs. Your team can build a new house for a family in need or renovate orphanages to create a safe environment to learn & grow.

  • Shovel & create even ground for the building's foundation
  • Mix & pour concrete
  • Carry & stack brick
  • Paint the interior & exterior of the homes
nurse holding a syringe during a medical mission trip


Although the Brazilian government offers free healthcare to its citizens, the number of patients & medical needs far outweigh the number of doctors & hospital beds. Facility conditions also vary & the poor are not allotted the same quality care as the wealthy. Whether you're a physician, dentist, optometrist, or have any medical training, your skills can be used to heal the people of Sao Paulo. Teams can serve in mobile clinics to meet the needs of several poor communities in & around the city.

  • Provide preventative & restorative dental care
  • Test patients' refraction, acuity, binocular vision & overall eye health
  • Administer basic physical examinations
Little boy kicking a soccer ball in Brazil


Brazilians live & breathe for soccer. The game can be played almost anywhere & creates an avenue to share the love of Christ with children, teens & adults. You can serve as positive role models for the players & learn about the impact of soccer on Brazilian culture.

  • Play soccer with kids & adults in neighborhoods, schools & orphanages
  • Mentor children & teach them the importance of teamwork, leadership skills, humility & self-confidence
Panoramic view of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Optional Tour Add-Ons

Rio de Janeiro - Take a walking tour of the nation's capital where you can watch a football game at Maracana Stadium, climb the mountain trail to Christo Redentor, or trek through the Tijuca rainforest.

Paraty Island or Iguazu Falls - Walk the beaches of Paraty or raft around Iguazu Falls!