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Fellowship Travel International (FTI) was founded by Wayne Lawhorn in 1982 to offer non-profit travelers quality service at a great value. As a full-service travel agency, we strive to be a one-stop-shop for all of your travel needs. Our team offers value-added services, including: individual & group flights, custom tours, volunteer projects, ground transportation & travel insurance.

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Our Mission Statement

To serve travelers focused on global exploration, study & outreach.


Our focus is to build long-term relationships based on mutual trust & respect.

We are driven by our passion to exceed our customers' expectations. We strive to create partnerships by not only fulfilling our clients' needs, but helping them achieve their goals. Our commitment is to support our clients through our ever-evolving products and customized services. We choose to give back to the international community and encourage those we work with to expand their worldview through sustainable outreach projects.

Fellowship Travel employees - Tubing at Wintergreen

FTI Team

We'd like to introduce you to our FTI family! The entire team works together to assure that we are giving each of our clients superior customer service. Each of us is ready to jump right in & help you with whatever you need for your next trip. We look forward to getting to know you a little better, & if you're ever in the area, please feel free to come say hello!


Wayne Lawhorn, President

Wayne Lawhorn

Jeremy Lawhorn, Vice President

Jeremy Lawhorn
Vice President
Ext. 102

Tour Sales

Cindy Gilbert, Tour Coordinator

Cindy Gilbert
Tour Coordinator
Ext. 129

Jenny Burkholder, Tour Coordinator

Jenny Burkholder
Tour Coordinator
Ext. 111

Kelly Carson, Tour Coordinator

Kelly Carson
Tour Coordinator
Ext. 137

Susan Komarnicki, Vendor Relations & Tour Product Management

Susan Komarnicki
Vendor Relations & Tour Product Management
Ext. 112

Group Sales

Jeff Compton, Group Sales Manager

Jeff Compton
Group Sales Manager
Ext. 108

Amelia Johnson, Group Sales Agent

Amelia Johnson
Group Sales Agent
Ext. 134

Devi Warrier, Group Sales Agent

Devi Warrier
Group Sales Agent
Ext. 124

Evelyn Best, Group Sales Agent

Evelyn Best
Group Sales Agent
Ext. 107

Jenny Jeremiah, Group Sales Agent

Jenny Jeremiah
Group Sales Agent
Ext. 130

Joan Hazelwood, Group Sales Agent

Joan Hazelwood
Group Sales Agent
Ext. 109

Malika Heatwole, Group Sales Agent

Malika Heatwole
Group Sales Agent
Ext. 136

Tara Waters, Group Sales Agent

Tara Waters
Group Sales Agent
Ext. 135

Tish Marrero-Stone, Group Sales Agent

Tish Marrero-Stone
Group Sales Agent
Ext. 115

Valerie Wermuth, Group Sales Agent

Valerie Wermuth
Group Sales Agent
Ext. 122

Group Support

Paula Price, Group Support Manager

Paula Price
Group Support Manager
Ext. 126

Alicia King, Ticketing Agent

Alicia King
Ticketing Agent
Ext. 123

Anna-Lisa Todd, Group Support Agent

Anna-Lisa Todd
Group Support Agent
Ext. 116

Gabi Wahba, Group Support Agent

Gabi Wahba
Group Support Agent
Ext. 114

Priscilla Larry, Group Support Agent

Priscilla Larry
Group Support Agent
Ext. 117

Stacey Price, Group Support Agent

Stacey Price
Group Support Agent
Ext. 118

Stephanie Lawhorn, Assistant Support Agent

Stephanie Lawhorn
Assistant Support Agent
Ext. 132

Individual Sales & Contracts

Denison Borges, Individual Sales & Contracts Manager

Denison Borges
Individual Sales & Contracts Manager
Ext. 101

Cecilia Previs, Individual Sales Agent

Cecilia Previs
Individual Sales Agent
Ext. 104

Leanne Leigers, Individual Sales Agent

Leanne Leigers
Individual Sales Agent
Ext. 121

Lois Frederick, Airline Contracts Administrator

Lois Frederick
Airline Contracts Administrator
Ext. 127


Jen Hefner, Marketing Director

Jen Hefner
Marketing Director

Aimee Fauerbach, Marketing Coordinator

Aimee Fauerbach
Marketing Coordinator
Ext. 119

Leslie Sale, Marketing Assistant

Leslie Sale
Marketing Assistant
Ext. 103

Information Technologies

Scotty Scott, Computer Programmer

Scotty Scott
Computer Programmer
Ext. 113


Angie Wood, Accounting Manager

Angie Wood
Accounting Manager
Ext. 106

Maggi Mast, Office Assistant

Maggi Mast
Accounting Specialist
Ext. 105

Taylor Singer, Office Clerk

Taylor Singer
Office Clerk
Ext. 100

Fellowship Travel employees - Jerusalem


We really do believe in changing lives for the better: in our office, our community & around the globe.

Fellowship Travel- Group support department - crazy hair

As a full-service travel agency focused on serving non-profits, Fellowship Travel International offers custom travel solutions at a great value. FTI has a casual office environment, but when it comes to serving our customers, we're all business. We think of our clients as partners and our coworkers as family.

FTI is an equal opportunity employer. We're international in focus and in spirit! More than 20% of our team are foreign nationals or first generation Americans, and all of us love to travel. In addition to the industry benefits offered by vendors, FTI provides each team member an annual travel stipend, flight vouchers (when available), and three extra vacation days for international travel.

A career with FTI may be for you if you like to work in an environment where your contributions are rewarded & a work/life balance is a real thing.

Employment Opportunities

Group Travel Agent

Are you interested in coordinating the travel logistics for non-profits so they can focus on the bigger picture? Or, helping a university offer study abroad programs to encourage students to engage with different cultures? Our client base is growing, so we are ready to add some more customer-focused, detail-oriented and self-motivated team members to the Fellowship Travel (FTI) family.

In this position, you will:

  • Provide travel options that meet our customers' unique travel needs (no cold calls)
  • Negotiate the best airfare rates and itineraries with our dedicated airline representatives
  • Book seats in reservation software & managing inventory throughout the group's planning process
  • Negotiating the best airfare rates with our dedicated airline representatives
  • Partner with support team to ensure outstanding customer service & accuracy of all information
  • Build your client base by asking for additional trips & customer referrals
  • Participate in comprehensive training relevant to the travel industry

You'd fit right in if you have:

  • Strong customer service skills that build long-term relationships with your clients
  • Excellent verbal & written communication skills
  • Ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to learn new processes quickly
  • Solid computer skills

We would love it if:

  • You have previous sales or travel industry experience
  • You are able to anticipate clients' needs and address them even before they are asked
  • You have experience with Amadeus or a similar Global Distribution System
  • You're a well-seasoned traveler

Some of the many reasons you'll love working here:

  • Competitive salary & bonuses based on sales performance
  • Monthly incentive programs
  • Health insurance & dental reimbursement plan
  • Matching IRA - 100% vested from day one
  • Vacation, holidays & sick days
  • Company-sponsored outings, cookouts, and celebrations
  • An annual stipend + 3 additional vacation days to visit new international destinations (Yeah bucket list!)
  • IATA membership card - Gives you access to free (or discounted) familiarization trips!

Full-Time Group Tour Planner

Our team is in search of a full-time Group Tour Planner who is excited to create custom itineraries to meet the unique travel needs of our educational & humanitarian clients. In this role, you would partner with group organizers & vendors to design tailor-made tours, negotiating the best rates for group flights & ground arrangements. Successful Group Tour Planner will demonstrate customer-focused selling techniques that include building strong relationships & approaching every travel request as an opportunity to create their next trip of a lifetime.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Listening the needs of the clients, offering suggestions & additional services to meet your customers' unique needs
  • Responding to clients within appropriate timeframes
  • Closing sales of incoming travel requests (no cold calls)
  • Negotiating the best group airfare rates with our dedicated airline representatives
  • Working with our tour operators to design itineraries specifically for each group
  • Managing all inventory throughout the trip planning process
  • Partnering with support staff to ensure accuracy of contracts, statements & passenger information
  • Building your client base by asking for additional trips & customer referrals

You'd fit right in with this team if:

  • You enjoy learning about new destinations.
  • You're an effective, personable communicator who responds to clients quickly.
  • You're a tough negotiator, willing to go to bat for each of your clients, while maintaining friendly relationships with vendors.
  • You're not freaked out by multitasking in a fast-paced environment.
  • You're a fast learner who can pick up new software with a quickness.

You'd be an awesome fit if:

  • You have previous travel agent experience, specifically group tour travel.
  • Your sales stats speak for themselves; we should just skip to the second interview.
  • You have experience with Amadeus or similar GDS.
  • You have a knack for anticipating customers' needs ahead of time.
  • You can vary your language & tone to different audiences.
  • You're a well-seasoned traveler.

Why You Want to Hang With Us (Other than being a part of the best team ever?!)

  • Competitive salary & bonuses based on sales performance
  • Monthly incentive programs
  • Comprehensive training
  • Health insurance & dental reimbursement plan
  • Matching IRA
  • Vacation, holidays & sick days
  • An annual stipend to visit a new international destination (Yeah bucket list!)
  • IATA membership card - Gets you access to free (or discounted) FAM trips!

Marketing Assistant II

Our team is in search of a full-time Marketing Assistant who is excited to learn about providing international group travel services for non-profit organizations. In this role, you would assist with marketing activities such as: social media networking, copywriting, consumer market research, trade show exhibiting & client visits. The successful candidate will be familiar with standard marketing concepts, practices & procedures, relying on experience & judgment to plan & accomplish goals. Since this position is both customer-facing & used as a liaison between departments, solid communication skills are a must.

We rely on teamwork to accomplish many of our goals. So, we look for teammates who are self-motivated, collaborative & well-organized. Of course, successful candidates should be personally excited about travel & passionate about helping our clients plan their own trip of a lifetime.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Organizing trade show participation (registration, materials shipping & exhibiting)
  • Traveling for trade shows & client visits a few times a year
  • Extending FTI's reach through social media channels
  • Communicating with marketing leads & customers
  • Coordinating print & web advertising placement
  • Writing & editing copy for online & printed marketing materials
  • Organizing & maintaining our digital photo library
  • Documentation of Marketing activities, including entering leads into our CRM
  • Manage FTI's supplier info on state procurement sites & respond to incoming RFPs
  • Completing special Marketing projects as they arise

You'd do great at FTI if:

  • You have experience building a brand through social media outlets.
  • You can vary your vocabulary, tone of voice & level of detail to communicate effectively to different audiences through a variety of mediums (written & oral).
  • You're personable & comfortable talking to new people.
  • You're a great listener who can match the right services with our customers' unique needs.
  • You're creative.
  • You can juggle (metaphorically speaking) a variety of tasks with minimal supervision.
  • You're well organized & can switch between duties with little trouble.
  • You like to work independently & prioritize from general instructions.

You'd be an awesome fit if:

  • You have a bachelor's degree with 4+ years’ experience in the field or related area.
  • You have experience exhibiting at trade shows.
  • You're a well-seasoned traveler.
  • You are a Photoshop & InDesign guru.
  • Your track record speaks for itself; we should just skip to the second interview.

Why You Want to Hang With Us (Other than being a part of the best team ever?!)

  • Competitive salary & bonus potential
  • Health insurance & dental reimbursement plan
  • Matching IRA
  • Vacation, holidays & sick days
  • An annual stipend to visit a new international destination (Yeah bucket list!)
  • IATA membership card - Gets you access to free (or discounted) FAM trips!

Customer Testimonials

Fellowship Travel has been a blessing to our church. It was because of our agent's help that 60 people traveled safely. And, not only the 60, but many people in Cartagena were blessed by God. My heart is forever grateful, and I look forward to working with FTI again in the near future."

Group Leader
Boca Raton, FL

My FTI agent is the best! She goes beyond the call of duty to make things happen. When we had a problem, she was available and willing to help in any way. We saw over 2,000 patients!"

Team Leader
Hattiesburg, MS

As a director of a cultural exchange program, I would strongly recommend that anyone in a similar position use FTI's services. For our program, we have had back-to-back challenges. Yes we have large groups, and yes we go to remote locations, so when something goes wrong, the challenge is huge."

Cultural Exchange Director
Nashville, IN

My agent was INCREDIBLE. I have travelled quite a lot & never have I had the kindness, the understanding, the patience that my agent showed. Customer service is more than a word with her."

Skillman, NJ

Everyone I worked with was very professional, helpful, & quick to respond to emails & phone calls. I would absolutely use Fellowship Travel for future mission trips."

Group Leader
St. Louis, MO

I am very impressed with the level of personal service, care, concern, and commitment that was displayed. I was especially impressed with my agent's ability to get me back on my original flight when I heard a classmate, who was extending with me (and added her deviation after me), was unable to get on that earlier flight. NICE WORK!!! The next time I travel internationally, Fellowship Travel is the first agency I will speak with!"

LaMiranda, CA

I'd like to give a big shout out to my agent for being so great to work with!! When you see her, please tell her I said, "YOU ROCK!" :)"

Irving, TX

I am appreciative of the individualized service my agent provided me prior to the purchase of my ticket. Numerous emails went back and forth in which I asked a lot of questions. Despite, I'm sure, a busy schedule, my agent patiently answered all my queries."

Brandon, FL

Se Habla Español!

Agentes de habla español estarán disponibles para asistirlo en cualquiera de sus necesidades de viaje, ya sean vuelos y excursiones para grupos o individuales.

Sólo tienes que llamar a nuestro número al (800) 235-9384 y seleccionar la opción 2 para escuchar nuestro directorio en español. Y luego seleccione el tipo de servicio que desee y será conectado a un agente de habla español que estará disponible para ayudarlo.

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