Planning trips that change lives.

FTI is a full-service travel agency. We believe people should explore the world around them, interact with other cultures, & lend a hand when one's needed.

With all of the travel procurement options available today, what sets FTI apart?

Caring Approach

Your dedicated travel advisor will partner with you to plan your next group or individual trip. Whatever you need, we're here to help!

Customized Services

Your trip is tailored to your unique needs & budget - flights, tours, hotels, ground transportation, insurance, or all of the above.

Convenient Tools

Your trip-planning process should be as stress-free as possible, so we provide free, online tools to make your job easier.

Our Services

What do you need to make your trip plans a reality?

Our Customer Journey

At FTI, we take the customer experience very seriously. Our goal is to create a partnership so we can support you to the best of our ability throughout the trip-planning process. We hope this relationship will build over time as we continue to improve our understanding of your travel needs and refine our service offering to meet them.

This is how the process works.

Connect, Strategize, Launch, Support, Prepare, Experience, Improve, Repeat