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Socially-Conscious Vacations

We care about our world & the people in it, so we've curated a list of vacation resorts that are actively working to improve their communities & our planet through:

Community Programs

Social programs that help the local people

Sustainability Projects

Projects to protect & enhance the environment

Conservation Efforts

Programs to restore flora, fauna & wildlife

We’ve sifted through a wide variety of resort properties to find organizations that offer unique experiences & quality service, but also excel at making a positive impact on their community. Among our recommendations, you'll find companies that provide groceries for hundreds of families, though they don't publicly market it. One has not only erased its carbon footprint, but is positively contributing to their environment. Others are participating in &/or running wildlife conservation programs.

With so many options out there, why not support those who are changing our world for the better?

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Recommended Destinations

These are some great options to get you back out into the world again. Just click on a destination to learn what it has to offer & see our suggestions for vacation packages!

One of the most popular tourist destinations in this hemisphere, Cancun is known for its beautiful Caribbean beaches & proximity to incredible archeological sites.

Costa Rica is a fabulous destination for nature lovers & anyone with an adventurous spirit. Activities abound in this eco-conscious environment, but so do the gorgeous white sand beaches.

The mountains, desert & stunning azure sea meet here, offering postcard pics a plenty. At the tip of the Baja Peninsula, Los Cabos is a great option for anyone looking to see a quieter side of Mexico.

The Dominican Republic's eastern-most point, Punta Cana is bordered by both the Atlantic Ocean & the Caribbean Sea. If you're looking for tranquility, you'll find a little piece of paradise here.

This Caribbean destination has a unique combination of mountains, rainforests & reef-lined beaches. It's perfect for an activity-filled vacation or a romantic getaway.

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