How to Request Travel Services

Fill out the form below to connect with an agent who will offer expert advice about flights, tours &/or travel insurance to design the best itinerary at the best value. And, don't forget, all of FTI's ticketed passengers have access to our complimentary after-hours helpline for travel emergencies.

Individuals (1-9 Passengers)

In addition to retail & sale fares, we also have access to discounted student & non-profit/humanitarian fares. These special fares have certain perks including, but not limited to, flexible terms/cancellations &/or extra baggage.

Groups (10+ Passengers)

Airlines do not permit anyone to book more than 9 seats online. Your advisor will negotiate with the airlines, &/or our ground partners, to secure the best rate & itinerary for your trip. The process may take a few days, but we'll send you a quote via email as soon as possible.

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