Free After-Hours Assistance

24-hour access to an FTI agent during your trip.

The FTI team has your back no matter where you travel. Not only are our agents ready to serve your travel needs during business hours, but we are also available during your trip, no matter what time it is where you are!

All of FTI's ticketed passengers have the benefit of complimentary after-hours assistance for any travel-related emergencies during their trip. Calls are not sent to a call center; they are routed directly to one of our on-call agents. Our after-hours team is trained to handle last-minute bookings needed as a result of: a flight delay, cancellation, personal emergency, etc. They are also happy to arrange accommodations or transfers needed as a result.

Simply call 1 (804) 550-0121 & an FTI agent will help you resolve the issue.