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Since all of our tours are completely custom, with FTI, you can create a trip that is not just spiritually-fulfilling, but completely unique. Choose to incorporate a wide variety of hands-on volunteer, cultural, & culinary experiences. We have a variety of itineraries & additional day tour options that will serve as a great framework to get your planning started. You can also add stops or combine itineraries to expand your experience.

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Our Tour team uses their personal experiences traveling around the world to design once-in-a-lifetime tours for each group.

Your Custom Itinerary

Partner with your tour coordinator to create a spiritually-rewarding itinerary designed to meet your group's goals & budget.

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We have chosen an elite group of guides, the best in the business. And, we'll match you with the one that's just right for your group.

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Israel Jerusalem

Holy Land

Let Fellowship Travel bring history to life in ways you never imagined as you & your group explore the lands where the foundation of Christianity & Judaism were laid.

Thinking of planning a trip to Israel? Take a look at some of our guaranteed departure tour options, or get some more information about all the things you can do there. Make sure to check out the variety of hands-on activities available, from traditional site-seeing to interactive cultural opportunities. You can even participate in an archeological dig at a Biblical site!

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Ephesus Library in Turkey

New Testament: Turkey, Greece & Italy

You may be familiar with the important role present-day Turkey, Greece & Italy have played in history, but now discover first-hand the lands where the earliest pages of Christianity were written. Take a trip back in time & explore the sites where many gentiles first heard the Good News.

Roman Forum

Footsteps of Paul

Retrace the footsteps of Paul – through Athens, Philippi, Pergamon, Ephesus, Corinth & Rome – where he spread the word of his own vision of the risen Christ. You will follow Paul along his divine journey, just as it's described in the books of Acts through Revelations.

Athens Acropolis in Greece

Seven Churches of Revelation

This pilgrimage will take you on a journey across Turkey to see the Seven Churches of Asia to whom John addressed his letter of prophetic visions. Travel on to Patmos Island, Greece to witness the cave where John the Evangelist actually wrote the Book of Revelation. Then, enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean in Athens, Plaka, Corinth & Rhodes, as you walk where the apostles themselves fulfilled the Christian mission. Your pilgrimage can even lead you back to Israel, where Jesus began his ministry.

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The Treasury of Petra

Old Testament +

For many, discussions of the Bible lands typically evoke images of Israel & its prominent religious landmarks. Yet, its neighbors, Jordan & Egypt, are also steeped in rich Christian history. Tours to these areas can be combined with Holy Land or Footsteps pilgrimages or stand on their own for a more in-depth study.

Mount Nebo

In Jordan

This area echoes with the stories of Lot, Moses, John the Baptist, Paul & Jesus (& many others). Pilgrims can bring these stories to life by visiting the temple at Pella – the ancient site of Penuel, named by Jacob in Genesis; climbing Mt. Nebo, as Moses did; & exploring the cave where Lot found refuge with his daughters. Along the banks of the Jordan River, witness - or choose to be baptized - where John baptized Jesus. Then, explore the wilderness of Bethany where Jesus faced temptation for 40-days & the site of the fortified palace in Machaerus where John the Baptist was imprisoned & martyred.

Pyramids of Egypt

In Egypt

Egypt is one of the most frequently mentioned places in the Bible, found in references from Genesis through the Gospels. Here, you can marvel at the Pyramids that stood during the times of Abraham, Moses & the Holy Family's escape from Herod. Travel to Egypt's Sinai Peninsula to touch the plant said to be descended from the Burning Bush. While there, view, or even scale, Mt. Sinai - where Moses received the Ten Commandments. From the top, you can also take in the beauty of the Red Sea.

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Germany Wittenberg Luther Statue


During the 16th century, people saw the need to curtail the compounding fiscal & political power of the papacy. Trace the history of these revolutionary thinkers who sought to revamp the church & revive the Christian faith.

England - London - Prince Albert statue


Imagine yourself in 18th century London as you follow the lives of the brothers John & Charles Wesley, leaders of Methodist movement. Methodism was born from within the Church of England as a renewal movement. Visit the Charterhouse, John Wesley's former school, or make a trip to what would later become John's London home. Not far from John's home stands Wesley's Chapel & the Museum of Methodism, where you can learn about the brothers & even join in on a worship service on Sundays.

Germany Rothenburg


Travel back to the 16th century, to the age of Martin Luther. Visit the house of Eisleben, Luther's birthplace, or tour the city of Erfurt where Luther spent time as a young monk. In the city of Wittenberg, home to the Reformation Memorial Church (or All Saints' Church), you can see the church door on which Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses, the catalyst of the Reformation. You can also tour the town of Worms to see where Luther was held & tried for his revolutionary beliefs.

Switzerland Geneva

Switzerland, France: Protestant Reformation

Journey from the north of Paris to the beautiful Swiss Alps while following the life & legacy of John Calvin, one of the most important thinkers of the Reformation. You may choose to start in Noyon, France, the birthplace of John Calvin, or Paris where he studied at the University of Paris to become a priest before deciding to study law. As Calvin became more involved in the reformist movement & government grew less tolerant, he decided to flee to Switzerland. You too can travel through Switzerland, stopping in the cities of Basel or Bern, both key players in the Swiss Protestant movement.

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Vatican Sistine Chapel Ceiling

Catholic Pilgrimages

Strengthen your faith by traveling to some of Catholicism's most revered sites. Follow Jesus' footsteps along the Via Dolorosa; learn more about our Mother Mary's messages of love, prayer, & peace; enjoy Mass with the Pope; & admire the rich artistic history of the Catholic Church. We're here to help get you started on your journey of spiritual renewal.

Italy assisi


The center of the Catholic faith, Rome is overflowing with pilgrimage options: a Papal Audience, visits to the seven pilgrim churches, St. Peter's tomb in the Necropolis, the Coliseum & Circus Maximus (sites of Christian martyrdom) to name a few. Choose to add on a visit to Assisi, the beautiful hilltop hometown of St. Francis & St. Clare. Or, stop at St. Mark's in Venice, the Duomo in Florence, or visit the Holy House of Loreto. We'll create an experience tailor-made for your congregation.

France Paris sacre coeur

France – Lourdes

Since 1860, it is estimated that more than 200 million pilgrims have made the journey to the Sanctuary of Lourdes. The Sanctuary sits where Our Lady revealed herself to a young miller's daughter, Saint Bernadette Soubirous, in 1858. Many come to drink from or bathe in the spring in hopes of experiencing the miraculous healing powers of the water that flows from the site.

Spain jeans w rosary

Spain – Camino de Santiago

Take a week or two to walk a part of the huge network of pilgrimage routes across Western Europe. The most popular path takes travelers from the Pyrenees in France to Santiago de Compostela - a staggering 490 miles on foot - where you'll find the tomb of St. James.

Portugal Fatima

Portugal – Fatima

Bear witness to the site where Our Lady of Fátima appeared to the three shepherd children, Lúcia, Jacinta & Francisco, on October 13, 1917. You may choose to follow the Via Sacra's Stations of the Cross, or to cross the square in true pilgrim fashion - on your knees while praying the rosary. This is no easy feat as the square is nearly 500 yards in length (approximately 4 football fields).

Poland Wadowice Pope John Paul II statue

Germany, Czech Republic & Poland – Popes John Paul II & Benedict XVI

Journey through Central Europe as you see the sites of personal & religious significance for these two great leaders of faith. First, experience Germany through the life & work of Pope Benedict XVI. See the town of Marktl where the young Joseph Ratzinger was born as well as Friesing where would later be ordained. Travel to Wadowice, Poland, the birth place of Karol Wojtyla, to learn more about the Pope's childhood at John Paul II's Family House Museum. Along the way, you'll have the opportunity to stop at a variety of Catholic points of interest.

Israel jerusalem holy sepulchre


Embark on the ultimate Christian pilgrimage to the birthplace of Jesus. You can choose from a variety of activities to enhance your experience. Participate in an archeological dig on the Temple Mount, do some volunteering, or overnight in a Bedouin camp. You can even celebrate Mass at a variety of locations. Whatever you choose to do, it'll be the spiritual adventure of a lifetime!

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France Notre Dame Choir


Whether you lead a college, church, community or children's choir, FTI can help you build a tour suited to the needs of your group. Our Tour Coordinators are not only familiar with the intricacies of planning travel for choral groups including venue preferences & staging requirements, they can also include a variety of cultural experiences. Just let us know what you want to do & watch your trip come to life!

Choir festival Russian folk songs

Live Performances

Have your choir show off their musical skills as your group performs live at renowned venues around the world. We can provide local publicity such as posters, flyers, & local advertising. In some countries you can even perform together with a local choir & experience a wonderful cultural exchange. Between performances, we'll arrange some time for you to relax & enjoy the local attractions.

Choir performance Russia Usupov palace

Music Festivals

Let your choir take a break from singing & enjoy the musical talents of others or apply to participate! Choirs from around the world gather every year at music festivals in England, France, Switzerland & Austria to perform & compete in local venues. It is an opportunity for your choir to gain a further appreciation & familiarity of the genre through this shared experience.

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Italy Pompeii Group

General Fellowship

FTI understands the importance of community, whether it is within your church, organization or with new friends around the world. Let us help you plan a group tour that highlights the importance of both fellowship & faith. Your group may choose to learn more about the rich history of your faith or give back through a volunteer program. Don't be afraid to be imaginative; our tours are not limited to just the usual sites. If your Women's group wants to enjoy the fellowship of their sisters while walking with the lions in Africa or taking a river cruise in France, we can do that too.

Brazil Rio Cristo

International Tours

The possibilities for adventure with your fellow sisters & brothers are endless. A tremendous number of religious sites are scattered across not only the Middle East & Europe, but Africa & South America as well. You may choose to explore an area in depth or "country hop" to get a broader view of a region. Whatever your focus, we're ready to create a tour that will meet both your goals & your budget.

Cruise ship

International Cruises

Take to the water as you enjoy adventure, excitement, & fellowship, all from the comfort of your cruise ship! Whether you are looking to explore the religious sites, or just plan a getaway for your group, we can help you find a cruise that meets your needs. Select a faith-based cruise & you'll enjoy music, lectures & inspirational excursions. Cruise for leisure & you can focus on adventure travel, cuisine or just relaxation. We are excited to help you create the experience your group is looking for!

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Israel Jerusalem Wailing Wall

Jewish Heritage

Explore the many sites that have been transformative for the Jewish faith. Follow along in the footsteps of the prophets or learn more about contemporary Jewish history. Let us help you discover & celebrate your heritage.

Israel Jerusalem menorah


Celebrate your roots as well as the spirit & accomplishments of the Israeli people. Each day will not only encompass the wealth of Jewish history & culture, but give you the opportunity for personal or hands-on experiences. Participate in an archeological dig on the Temple Mount, share a Shabbat dinner with a local family, or visit a kibbutz to see a different side of Israeli life. You can even meet with local experts or have a service at Masada, the site symbolizing Jewish resistance. We'll create the trip that's right for you.

Spain Madrid plaza de la Cibeles


Spanish & Jewish heritage shares an important & vital link. In fact, Jewish influence from a variety of different traditions can be seen across the country. Visit Toledo once a hub for Jewish Spain & home to the Sinagoga del Transito, now the Sephardic Museum, a tribute to the ethnic community of Jewish faith in the area. Then, travel through some of Spain's world renowned cities, like Madrid, Barcelona, & Seville, while learning about their respective Jewish communities & traditions.

Poland boys


For hundreds of years, the largest Jewish population in the world was found in Poland due to its tolerant & hands-off approach to religious communities. Unfortunately, that meant that it paid one of the greatest tolls during WWII. Pay homage to the many Jewish lives lost at sites like Auschwitz & Lublin. While some of the country's memories are painful, the Jewish community left other important legacies here that should be celebrated. Learn more about the region's rich Jewish history at the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw.

France Eiffel tower guy


Home to the largest Jewish community in Europe, France has a variety of Jewish heritage sites to explore. In Paris, visit the Museum of Jewish History & Art as well as the Holocaust Museum. In Avignon, roam the beautiful old Jewish Quarter. Or, head south to the town of Carpentras, home to the oldest active synagogue in France, dating back to 1367.

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