Humanitarian & Conservation Projects

We support a variety of international volunteer programs because we believe in giving back to the global community while promoting an increased understanding of other cultures.

Volunteer Project Types

Volunteers use their skills to improve living conditions, supplement educational offerings, & provide opportunities that would not otherwise be available without their humanitarian work.


Teams can assist with facility upkeep (small building projects or painting) or work with a needy family to construct their new home.

Orphan Care

Offer attention, education & arts to kids of all ages. You can even work with special needs children or counsel caregivers.


Use sports & activities as a springboard for teaching important life skills including leadership, teamwork & conflict resolution.


Offer training & mentorship in English, computers & other technical skills to combat unemployment at its source.


Assist health care workers with medical, dental & optometry services in communities with limited access to medical care.

Food & Clothes

Distribute meals & clothing to the impoverished, or work in a thrift shop or greenhouse to generate project funds.

Disabled/Elderly Care

Offer love & companionship through simple gestures, like styling a woman's hair, or assist caregivers with daily activities.


Want to work with sea turtles, African lions or something in between? There are countless ways to help preserve wildlife.

Volunteer Project Locations

Volunteer-Humanitarian Africa lion conservation


In Kenya, the country’s beauty has been scarred by AIDS, poverty & injustice. Zimbabwe, known for its game reserves, is suffering from a severe economic crisis because its residents have the lowest life-expectancy rate in the world – 34. In South Africa, AIDS has decimated families & left millions of orphaned children. And, let’s not forget the crisis faced by African lions, elephants are other big game species. Volunteer opportunities abound here & help is desperately needed. Teams can serve in countries throughout Eastern & Southern Africa.

Volunteer-Humanitarian Sri Lanka orphans


With a variety of project sites in India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam & Sri Lanka, groups can volunteer in a number of ways & in a variety of settings. Projects are designed to provide assistance to the region's most vulnerable populations, ranging from AIDS orphans to endangered species. Support educators as they empower children & adults with limited resources. Offer hope to women who have been disenfranchised by their communities by teaching English & computer skills. Support medical care centers & elderly homes by helping with daily routines. Take to nature while protecting & conserving Asia's beautiful but delicate ecosystems. There is no shortage of ways to volunteer.

Volunteer-Humanitarian Romania


When people think about Eastern European nations, they often assume they have "western world" economies. However, unemployment & education drop-out rates have remained very high since the fall of communism. Access to medical care is limited. Community work will be done in your choice of 18 programs that meet immediate, urgent needs while providing long-term solutions. Groups can serve by building housing; working in a school, nursing home or special needs facility; volunteering with a greenhouse or farm; providing medical, dental, or counseling services; or even making or distributing glasses. If you have other skills, let us know. We can always create a custom program for you.

Volunteer-Humanitarian Latin America construction

Latin America

With opportunities to serve in both Central & South America, mission teams can work with us to create a project that is absolutely tailor-made to their skills. Site are available in both remote & urban settings. In addition to the variety of ways to serve listed above, special opportunities include working with a professional soccer player in Brazil & stadium crusades in Nicaragua. And, team leaders can rest easy knowing security and translators are provided when necessary.

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